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License Renewal

Driving School Stavropoulos | Patras

Licence Renewal


Diploma copy

Copy of driving license (amateur, professional or motorcycle) Due to theft, loss or damage.
1. Application - Solemn Declaration of Article 8 of Law 1599/86, in which the interested party states:
  • that he has a regular residence in Greece,
  • that he does not hold another driving license of a Greek or a Member State of the EU,
  • that his / her driving license is not withheld by any public authority or insurance institution of Greece or another country / member of the EU,
  • his Tax Registration Number.
2. Passport ID card or Passport valid and photocopies thereof.
If the applicant is not a Greek national, a citizen of a Member State of the EU is or stay, which must have been issued 95 days before the application for a driving license for EU nationals and 185 days for foreign nationals and a photocopy thereof.
3. Two (2) color photographs of the recent, passport type, without glasses.
4. a) Fee of 9.02 EURO from the tax office.
    b) If the license has been lost or stolen, a fee of 30.00 EURO will be submitted by the National Bank for the first time and 60.00 EURO for the second, third, etc.
5. If a copy of a license is requested due to wear, the old driving license is issued.
6. If there is another driving license filed together, to issue a new one.
7. A fee of 30.00 Euros from the National Bank for the printing of the new driving license.
8. Print request.
9. For a professional driving license that is not valid will also be presented:
a) Two (2) medical certificates of physicians and ophthalmologists, contracted with the respective Transport and Communications Directorate [to each doctor is presented: (a) a fee of 45.00 Euros from National Bank, (b) a recent color photograph, and the sickness book. If there is no sickness report, laboratory tests (blood - sugar, urea - cardiogram and chest X-ray) are required.
b) Fee of 18.00 EURO from the tax office.
If the loss of a driving license is due to vehicle theft or partial theft of a vehicle or to destruction of the vehicle by fire or flood, as evidenced by documents of the competent police or fire brigade, it is not required to produce the 30,00 EURO from the National Bank, paragraph 4 of the supporting documents.
If the document is not filed by a person, a legal visa is required for the authentication of the application, the printing application and the responsible declaration from any public, municipal or community authority and any photocopies (police ID, driving license) to is validated.