<h2>Driving School Stavropoulos</h2><p> </p> <h2>Driving School Stavropoulos</h2><p> </p> <h2>DRIVING SCHOOL STAVROPOULOS</h2><p> </p> <h2>Driving School Stavropoulos</h2><p> </p> <h2>Driving School Stavropoulos</h2><p> </p>
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Driving School Stavropoulos | Patras


The STAVROPOULOS & Co. Driving School is based in Patras, 11B Patron Klaοus Street. Our main characteristic is the mood that distinguishes us in order to pass on to our students a good knowledge, both the in a theoretical and a practical level. Our school is fully equipped with logistical equipment, and our trainers are well trained. These are elements which, if combined with the pleasant climate and our undoubtedly affordable prices, lead you to the sure winning of success.

  Stavropoulos Sakis
Candidate Trainer, Mechanical Engineer, Education, MSc (Teaching Methods)
mob: +30 6932266417
  Stavropoulou Georgia
Trainer Trainer, Mechanical Engineer, Education, MSc (Robotics in Education)
mob: +30 6972003209, +30 6986337020
  Marios Kottas
Trainer of Candidates
  Papalexopoulou Georgia
Trainer of Candidates


  • Driving licenses for all vehicle categories
  • Motorcycle - Car - Taxi - Truck - Bus - Sliding
  • Extensions - Driving License Revisions.
  • Issue a copy of a driving license due to wear or damage.
  • Issue of a copy of a driving license due to loss or theft.
  • Replacement of legacy driving licenses with Community type licenses.
  • Deliberations for all cases concerning the Transport service.